Snapchat introduces World Lenses, transforming your surroundings into an AR experience


Over a year ago, Snapchat introduced Lenses – its take on augmented reality that let you add bunny ears, masks, CGI makeup and a variety of other effects to your selfies. These effects proved to be quite popular, as people started posting their augmented selfies all over social media.

However, just like with any other trend, Lenses started getting old. We, for one, are sick of seeing yet another rabbit with floppy gray ears and a human face on Facebook. Snapchat knows that it needs to do more to stay on top, and it just did.

The popular messaging app today introduced World Lenses. That's a whole new type of its already established effects. Unlike the Lenses we had so far that focused primarily on your face, the new ones are designed to work mainly with your rear-facing camera.

The new Lenses are meant to blend with the world around you as best as possible. For example, you can place a rainbow on your office keyboard and move around it with your phone, in order to see it from all possible sides.

For the time being, selection of World Lenses is quite limited, but they do show some potential to create some pretty entertaining scenes for you and your friends to use as background for your photos.

source: Snap via BusinessInsider
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