Smartt Mate case for the iPad 2 dishes up that alluring silhouette look

Smartt Mate case for the iPad 2 dishes up that alluring silhouette look
Gazing upon its beautiful design, it’s rather difficult to not commend the engineers that designed the iPad 2 from the ground up. Of course, owners more than likely want to retain the tablet’s illustrious appearance with some sort of case, but for the most part, a good majority of them just basically cover up its beauty.

Well, fear not anymore because monCarbone’s Smartt Mate case for the iPad 2 might seem like the ideal solution – especially if you prefer a minimalistic case. Essentially just a rear cover for the iPad 2, the carbon fiber back utilizes “proprietary technology” to dish up that silhouette form that some people desire.

Considering that it’s only 0.35mm on one side, it doesn’t necessarily add anymore girth to the already streamlined tablet. Meanwhile, you still have the ability to use Apple’s Smart Covers seeing that the case doesn’t obstruct its connection with the tablet.

However, the Smartt Mate cover is seriously packing one premium price for something that covers the back side of the iPad 2 and nothing else. At $79.99 a pop, it’s indeed up there in terms of pure pricing, but some might overlook it and might be drawn more to its fashionable looks. Available in “Mystery Black” or “Midnight Black,” you can pick one up right now through their site online.

source: monCarbone via IntoMobile

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