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A smartphone with two punch holes could be on the way

A smartphone with two punch holes could be in the works
Why settle for one punch hole?

The notch is almost a couple of years old now and, in the world of smartphones, that means it’s becoming a dated design feature. Companies such as Samsung have recognized this and late last year introduced the newer punch hole layout. But it seems as though ZTE isn’t content with just one hole.

Although a smartphone with this design may never make it to market, the Chinese company has patented a new layout that involves placing two circular punch holes side by side. One of these will presumably house the front-facing selfie camera while the second could include a wide-angle alternative or a dedicated depth sensor. Alternative, it could be home to the in-ear speaker as there appears to be no sign of one along the edge of the frame.

Unsurprisingly, the chosen display is paired with minimal side bezels but a slightly thicker chin. Also, the lack of a fingerprint scanner along the side and rear suggests an in-display solution could potentially be adopted. Regarding the layout on the back of the smartphone, it the standard affair of a vertical dual-camera setup paired with an LED flash.

Considering ZTE has already released its 2019 flagship in the form of the Axon 10 Pro, it’s possible this patented design will be used on an upcoming mid-range offering. In any case, as mentioned above, there’s no guarantee ZTE will ever make use of this design patent.
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