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Several interesting apps for BlackBerry

Several interesting apps for BlackBerry

The first is Compass Lite for the BlackBerry Tour 9630. The app looks quite nice and might turn out to be your only means of salvation if you get lost in open sea. It tracks your movement direction and speed and of course, shows your GPS co-ordinates so you know exactly where you are at anytime. The app is available at the modest price of $0.99 plus there is a version for the BlackBerry Storm that doesn´t cost more.

HoneyDew Synchornized Todo List
is a handy solution if you are about to go shopping with your wife or friends. Say, you´ve a long list of things to buy for an upcoming party. You keep going round the store, but just can´t find all you need. Now, this is where the app kicks in. It will allow you to synchronize the shopping list to another BlackBerry device, so you know if someone makes changes the second this happens and won´t end up having bought the same stuff. You can get the app for just $1.49 and the program can really save you a lot of time and efforts. So, HoneyDew Synchronized ToDo List is a handy solution if you are about to embark on exhaustive team-shopping and need to know if your wife or buddies have forgotten to buy something.

Now, here´s a little something that fans of Manga comic books are going to love. Mango is a free app that allows access to the huge library resources of It´s a good thing that the app loads the next several pages while your read, meaning the rather annoying experience of having to wait for the next page has been addressed. Moreover, the program shows you relevant information about the comic book you´re reading, like author, designer, genre, title page, popularity etc.

bChat Threaded SMS does exactly what its name suggests, namely, shows your SMS correspondence in a threaded style. Moreover, it will allow you to send text messages that are longer than 160 symbols, store the chats on your device memory, open embedded links etc. The app is available for $0.99.

PaderSyncFM is a really functional file management solution. It supports FTP, SFTP, SMB and WebDAV clients and allows hassle-free synchronization of entire folders. So, if you need to use your office server, you can now do it directly from your BlackBerry. The app is free for personal use, but you would need to fork out $18 if planning to use it for commercial purpose.

source: CrackBerry

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