Send private tweets to friends more easily using Direct Message on Twitter

Send private tweets to friends more easily using Direct Message on Twitter
Twitter announced today that it has made it easier for subscribers to share a tweet with another member, privately. The new method involves the use of Direct Message. The use of DM has been rising sharply, up 60% last year. And the number of tweets privately shared soared 200% during the second half of the year.

Twitter says that it has been hearing from many users that it would be easier and quicker to share tweets privately via a Direct Message. Twitter agreed, and with a new update it has made this a reality. The result is a simple and quick process for privately sharing a tweet. Here's how it works. Click on a tweet that you want to share and tap the message icon next to the like button. That will bring up a list of users that you can send the tweet to. Click on the name of the recipient and that is it. You've just privately shared a tweet using Direct Message. Wasn't that easy?

Twitter has been expanding the features and capabilities of DMs and this is the latest example of that. You can find the message button on the app starting today as the app gets updated on iOS and Android. Twitter says that it is the latest step toward making conversations richer in DM.

source: Twitter via RedmondPie


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