How to take a screenshot on Apple iPhone X

How to take a screenshot on Apple iPhone X

The home button is gone on the Apple iPhone X, so how do you take a screenshot?

It used to be that you press the home key and the power key on the side to take a screenshot, but with no home key, the shortcut has now changed.

How to take a screenshot on Apple iPhone X
To take a screenshot on the Apple iPhone X you need to simply press down the power button on the side and the volume up key simultaneously. That's it, simple!

Don't hold them, though, because if you do hold them longer you will enter emergency mode and hear your phone beeping loudly.

So what about the notch? How does it appear in screenshots? Good news is that screenshots look as if there was no notch at all. Instead, you get a full rectangle with a continuous background, uninterrupted by the notch.

With iOS 11, screenshots are also super-charged: you get to edit and annotate them easily, and they are all saved in a separate folder where you can go through previously captured screenshots. Tap on the little thumbnail that appears after you take a screenshot and you can crop it, you can annotate using a marker, pen and/or a pencil (you have a choice between one of six colors). Then, you can also add bubbles, arrows, as well as a signature easily. A neat magnifier tool allows you to accentuate a particular element as well.

Learn more about iOS 11 screenshots here


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