SaskTel CEO lets out a tidbit regarding the next-gen iPhone

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SaskTel CEO lets out a tidbit regarding the next-gen iPhone
We're at that stage in the game when things begin to heat up for Apple as the world anticipates concrete information surrounding the next generation iPhone. Apple is probably talking to some of their launch vendors that include a mix of partners from accessory makers all the way to the actual wireless carriers that plan on taking part of the festivities. Someone probably forgot to keep things under the radar about news of the fourth generation iPhone, but they may soon find themselves out of the loop if there is any indication of how things that played out in the past. The relatively unknown Canadian Saskatchewan-based wireless carrier, SaskTel, is being heard to offer the next incarnation of the iPhone starting July 1; according to the Regina Leader-Post. Robert Watson, president and CEO of SaskTel was quoted letting out a tidbit saying that, “The good news is that (Apple) is coming out with a new version of the iPhone in the June time-frame and they're going to put us on that. So we're quite excited about that.” Even though SaskTel currently offers CDMA 3G connectivity, they are in the works of moving everything over to a GSM based network to undeniably offer the iPhone with their high-speed HSPA network up and running by July 1. With this slight slip of the tongue, it's not yet known if there will be any repercussions – but from what we've seen with the unveiling of the iPad, McGraw-Hill was punished by Apple for letting out some information ahead of time.

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"you all the fanboys thinks" ?

6. iHateCrapple

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Yea he's one of those types...


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Another carrier dumping CDMA for GSM...!!!! Do you see that fanboys CDMA is DEADDDD, watch and learn from your Canadians homies, that's another indication that the VZW wont get it, sorry fanboys...!!!!

2. cammian

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hey dumbass Verizon is switching to LTE as well as AT&T, they will both have the same technology on their towers, you will see an iphone on Verizon very soon, sorry but you dont know what your talking about.


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I know what am saying you retarded Fanboy. VZW is rushing to LTE cuz they know their crappy obsolete CDMA network is going nowhere, and btw the first comercial LTE handset will be ready by late 2011 how soon is that for ya.....!!! You all the fanboys thinks that everybody is a moron in cell tech like y'all....!!!

5. Jojofromdabay

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Remember Verizon has the best talk coverage of any wireless network with rarely a dropped call unlike At&t and At&t may be making everyone look crazy because you can use the internet while on the phone call it's not going to make an ounce of difference once LTE Comes out because then the fight will be back to who has the fastest 4g an my guess will be sprint seeing as they have it already an have enough time to get better since they are the first with it. Also as far as CDMA iphone I wouldn't say never just like I wouldn't say never to an At&t Droid .. We will let Steve Jobs make his Announcement an we gon be coo.

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