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Samsung's official numbers say $28.6 billion in mobile sales for Q1

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Samsung's official numbers say $28.6 billion in mobile sales for Q1
We've seen a lot of Q1 earnings reports this week, and the latest comes from Samsung. Samsung didn't want to disappoint after seeing the numbers from Apple, Google, and the rest, and it has not. Samsung's official numbers for its Q1 earnings report say that the Korean giant pulled in $28.6 billion in mobile sales.

Samsung's numbers are spot on compared to the predictions made. Operating profits were 8.78 trillion won ($7.9 billion) and net profits were 7.15 trillion won ($6.4 billion), which is a solid bump year-on-year compared to the 5.50 trillion won ($4.95 billion) the company saw in Q1 of 2012. All of that comes on 52.87 trillion won ($47.6 billion) in consolidated revenues for the company as a whole. 

The IT & Mobile Communications division - consisting of Mobile Communications, Networks and Digital Imaging businesses saw strong numbers with first quarter with revenues of 32.82 trillion won ($29.5 billion), and operating profits of 6.51 trillion won ($5.9 billion). The mobile division specifically made up 31.77 trillion won ($28.6 billion) in sales, which is surprising because that marks a 7-percent increase from the holiday quarter. The numbers also came on strong sales for the Galaxy S III and Note II, despite the looming release of the Galaxy S IV. 

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