Samsung's official numbers say $28.6 billion in mobile sales for Q1

Samsung's official numbers say $28.6 billion in mobile sales for Q1
We've seen a lot of Q1 earnings reports this week, and the latest comes from Samsung. Samsung didn't want to disappoint after seeing the numbers from Apple, Google, and the rest, and it has not. Samsung's official numbers for its Q1 earnings report say that the Korean giant pulled in $28.6 billion in mobile sales.

Samsung's numbers are spot on compared to the predictions made. Operating profits were 8.78 trillion won ($7.9 billion) and net profits were 7.15 trillion won ($6.4 billion), which is a solid bump year-on-year compared to the 5.50 trillion won ($4.95 billion) the company saw in Q1 of 2012. All of that comes on 52.87 trillion won ($47.6 billion) in consolidated revenues for the company as a whole. 

The IT & Mobile Communications division - consisting of Mobile Communications, Networks and Digital Imaging businesses saw strong numbers with first quarter with revenues of 32.82 trillion won ($29.5 billion), and operating profits of 6.51 trillion won ($5.9 billion). The mobile division specifically made up 31.77 trillion won ($28.6 billion) in sales, which is surprising because that marks a 7-percent increase from the holiday quarter. The numbers also came on strong sales for the Galaxy S III and Note II, despite the looming release of the Galaxy S IV. 

- Q1 consolidated operating profit reaches 8.78 trillion won on revenues of 52.87 trillion won
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) April 26, 2013 -- Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced revenues of 52.87 trillion won on a consolidated basis for the first quarter ended March 31, 2013, a 6-percent decrease from the previous quarter. Consolidated operating profit for the quarter reached 8.78 trillion won, representing a 1-percent decline (QoQ), while consolidated net profit for the same quarter was 7.15 trillion won.

In its earnings guidance disclosed on April 5, Samsung estimated first quarter consolidated revenues would reach approximately 52 trillion won with consolidated operating profit of approximately 8.7 trillion won.

Highlighting the quarterly performance, the IT & Mobile Communications (IM) Division which comprises the Mobile Communications, Networks, and Digital Imaging businesses, achieved profitable results backed by strong smartphone sales coupled with reduced marketing expenses.

The IM Division rang up the first quarter with revenues of 32.82 trillion won, a 7-percent increase from the previous quarter. Sound sales of GALAXY S III and GALAXY Note II devices aided profit margins for Mobile Communications, but in the second quarter global demand for smartphones is forecast to dampen, compounded by heightened competition. The January-to-March quarter again proved trying on the PC business, while the Networks Business came around with a stable supply of Long Term Evolution (LTE), fourth-generation (4G) telecommunications equipment.

Demand for consumer electronics products in emerging markets stemmed further sales losses but weak seasonality and a sluggish economy took their toll on Samsung's sales of TVs and home appliances.

"Although market uncertainties from the European crisis and the slow global economic recovery are still lingering, we expect to increase R&D spending for strengthening our competitiveness ahead of planned new product launches," said Robert Yi, Senior Vice President and Head of Investor Relations.

Mr. Yi cautioned, however, "We may experience stiffer competition in the mobile business due to expansion of the mid- to low-end smartphone market while TV growth will continue to wane in developed markets."

On the components side, global supply of PC DRAM remained weak, brought on by adjustments in the product mix by chipmakers opting to manufacture mobile and server DRAM over chips used in PCs. Samsung is looking to improve its profit margins with a differentiated product portfolio.

The Display Panel segment faced a challenging quarter due to seasonally soft demand from set makers. However the introduction of new devices and increased shipments of smartphone display panels, prevented steeper losses.

As for this year's capital expenditure, Samsung Electronics executed a combined total of 3.9 trillion won for the quarter. The Semiconductor and Display Panel segments were each accountable for 1.5 trillion won in capex spending. Samsung is poised to increase investment beginning from the second half of the fiscal year to preempt rising demand for differentiated products and to harness its competitiveness in the high-tech industry.

The company expects the proportion of capex, compared with that of last year, to be larger in the second half of 2013. Overall spending this year is likely to be similar to the 22.8 trillion won invested in 2012.

High-End, High-Density Chips Will Make the Difference

Samsung's Semiconductor businesses - including Memory and System LSI - posted consolidated 8.58 trillion won in revenue, a 11-percent drop from a quarter earlier. The Memory chip unit logged 5.12 trillion won in earnings but, compared with the previous period, quarter-on-quarter revenue retreated 4 percent.

PC DRAM supply continued to decline in the quarter, stifled by weak demand in PCs, while demand for mobile DRAM, used in smartphones and tablets, remained stable. Samsung's DRAM business remained solid with a differentiated product mix including server DRAM.

Increased specialty DRAM for eMCP, LPDDR3 and high-density servers boosted profitability. The NAND flash memory segment remained competitive through process migration, which reduced cost and expanded offerings of high value-added solution products. Profitability for the System LSI Business was hampered by seasonally slow demand in set products that use logic chips.

Prospects for the PC DRAM market are uncertain as tighter demand and narrower market size weigh on suppliers. Mobile DRAM will continue to see growth, as the market's appetite for high-performance, high-density chips increases.

With the rollout of new and more powerful mobile devices expected throughout the year, the market for NAND flash memory and increased adoption of Solid State Drives (SSD) at data centers will escalate demand. The ramp-up of 28 nanometer process technology is expected to shore up System LSI's earnings moving forward.

Tablet and Smartphone Displays a Bright Spot

The Display Panel business recorded revenue of 7.11 trillion won in the first quarter while posting an operating profit of 77 billion won. This represented an 8-percent dip in sales compared with the previous quarter on the back of traditionally weak seasonal demand. Although operating profit declined, profitability was higher than the corresponding quarter of last year.

For the first quarter of 2013, overall panel demand retreated as the global economic slowdown affected consumer spending amid weak seasonality. Under this downward-trending demand, Samsung saw the average selling price of LCD panels decline in the upper single-digit percentage range. Overall however, the company was able to deliver solid results with sales in high value-added products, such as panels for tablets and OLED panels for smartphones, delivering growth.

Looking ahead to the second half, Samsung anticipates panel demand to recover in line with the approach of higher seasonal demand and the launch of new products. For TV panels, demand is likely to rise toward the end of the second quarter and the company will focus its energies on enhancing its premium product portfolio, including large-size TV panels over 60 inches in size.

Concerning the outlook for IT panels, although caution remains for PC and monitor growth in the second quarter, demand for mass market tablet displays is expected to increase on-quarter as new products are launched by manufacturers later in the year. To meet anticipated demand, the company will strengthen its line-ups in the mass market and high valued-added panel segments. In OLED panels, continued growth momentum is expected with the launch of new products in the premium smartphone category.

Cheaper Smartphones to Challenge Market Players

The IT & Mobile Communications division - consisting of Mobile Communications, Networks and Digital Imaging businesses - registered operating profits of 6.51 trillion won on 32.82 trillion won in revenue for the March quarter. Out of the total IM earnings, the mobile business was accountable for 31.77 trillion won in sales.

Hero products including GALAXY Note II and GALAXY S III spurred growth in the quarter. Although demand for tablets around the world slid 30 percent quarter-on-quarter, Samsung's GALAXY Tab 2 series continued to sell consistently from the previous quarter.

For the Networks Business, the global expansion of LTE networks has lifted its earnings on-quarter driven by an increased supply of fourth-generation (4G) wireless equipment.

As for PC shipments, the market told a different story because of lackluster global demand. Despite challenging market conditions, the company will work to improve our product mix by increasing sales of mid- to high-end products.

Looking ahead, Samsung anticipates smartphone sales to stay flat in the second quarter but will pick up again in the second half of the year. As more mid- to low-end mobile devices enter the market and new premium products are rolled out, the race for market share will intensify.

The company will strive to remain competitive amid difficult conditions by expanding the lineup of smartphones and tablets this year, starting with GALAXY Note 8.0 and the flagship GALAXY S 4 smartphone.

Premium TV Models to Light the Way

The Consumer Electronics Division - encompassing the Visual Display, Digital Appliances, Printing Solutions and Health and Medical Equipment businesses - posted an operating profit of 230 billion won for the quarter on revenues of 11.24 trillion won. The Visual Display business accounted for 7.43 trillion won of earnings.

Seasonally low demand for consumer electronics goods during the first quarter corresponded with the Division's overall sales retreating by 23 percent on-quarter. In the TV market, demand was down in a quarter-on-quarter comparison but improved year-on-year as emerging markets maintained growth. Amid these challenges, Samsung continued to expand sales of its premium TV lineup, including region-specific LED models, and saw shipments of its premium ES7000/8000 series gain 25 percent on-year.

Looking forward, although sluggish demand is likely to linger into the second quarter, a marginal boost in TV market sales is expected on improved demand for high-end TV products. Moving into the peak seasonality of the second half of the year, global market competition may intensify with the phasing out of older models and the introduction of premium products.

Samsung's response in developed markets will be on extending sales of differentiated Smart TVs and launching premium UHD TVs. In emerging economies, the company will strengthen competitive advantages of its customized LED TV products and respond to growing demand for premium models.

For the Digital Appliances Business, despite adverse economic conditions driving down global demand during the first quarter, Samsung sustained growth in mass market products within major markets. Looking ahead, modest growth in the home appliance market is forecast although emerging markets are likely to enjoy slightly more robust demand.

Amid this difficult environment, the company will seek to enhance product competitiveness by expanding its product portfolios in both the mass market and premium segments, and securing profitability through improved operational efficiency.




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28 Billion in 3 months, Wtf™ That's huge™

3. iushnt

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That was only for mobile phones. They still have tvs, washing machines and zillion things including Shilla group Hotel, Insurance companies, ship building etc..Hell lot of money

13. darac

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Indeed. In pure revenue, Samsung is the biggest company

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wooohoooo like a Boss FTW Sammy :)

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just ordered my S4 :)


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ME2™ But not the Crapdragon version, but the one and only "Finest Exynos" version™

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That moment when Crapdragon's performance is equal to (or better than) "Finest Exynos" like what Samsung CEO said in yesterday's PhoneAreana post


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samsung is getting too big to control itself. congrats on the money to the company in the meantime wish them the best in it's success. i do like the s4 just not better overall than the htc one... yea the s4 has some perks i'd temporarily enjoy on a practical level for an everyday use i love my one do need all the sd cards when i have cloud storages and i dont walk around with spare batteries all day..."side eye" for people who do and i use my iphone 5 as an ipod but the device im waiting on the most is the Nexus 5 though.

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ahahah, kid, your Username says it all HTC troll

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Does anyone get the sense that Apple is fighting a losing war against Sammy? Sammy just keeps going and going and going....


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What apple does is a blessing in disguise for samsung.


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Hail King Sammy.

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yea go my boy sammy!!!

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Well deserved.... They are doing a great job in every aspect.

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I'm calling it now - up next is Samsung posting greater profit than Apple, in the quarter, for the first time ever. Given Apple's own projection for 33B in overall revenue (a BIG drop from 39B this quarter), and lowering margins, it is clear that profit will drop a lot too, from 9.5B posted this quarter. Samsung otoh, will smash its own records in the same period. So, my guess is around 8.6 billion profit for Samsung and 8.2 for Apple

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All hail King Sammy. Aggressive business with innovation and variety equals.... Profits

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All Hail King Sammy??? Not unless you have stock in Samsung there's really no reason to be happy about "THEIR" earnings

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