Samsung will internally review Exynos exploit

Samsung in the process of reviewing Exynos exploit
On Sunday, we told you that the owners of some popular Samsung devices could have a problem with malicious apps. An exploit found in those models powered by Samsung's Exynos 4210 or 4412 could potentially allow an app to take over a device, wipe memory and even brick the whole phone. At the same time, a developer named Supercurio had come up with a fix that not only should work on all of the affected models, but also can be turned on and off since it could affect camera functionality on some units.

Ever since this story broke, everyone has been waiting to see what Samsung's response would be. After all, some of the same developers that found the exploit also reported it to Samsung. The tech titan responded by saying that it is "currently in the process of conducting an internal review" and if we can be allowed to take a look at the future, we'd expect Samsung to issue a patch eventually. Remember, this is a rather serious problem with the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung GALAXY Note II, two flagship models that continue to sell.

We are also talking about a large number of potential handsets involved, so any software update is going to take time to roll out to everyone. We should note how quickly the Android community responded to this issue once it was discovered. Now the ball is in Sammy's court and an official fix is awaited.

source: AndroidCentral

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