Samsung vs Chrome vs Firefox vs Edge mobile browsers benchmark speed test

Not that we've ever had a shortage of mobile browsers to choose from, but this season is especially rich in new entrants from juggernauts like Mozilla or Microsoft

At the same time, there are fresh new updates for the incumbent Google Chrome, as well as for the Samsung Browser which used to occupy the top in previous speed tests, so we decided to give it a quick whirl, and run a few synthetic benchmarks like BrowserBench and Basemark on a Note 8 with the aforementioned browsers freshly installed to see what they'll return as scores:

Speedometer: Synthetic test for calculating the responsiveness of web applications like checklists

JetStream: This Broweserbench kit explores performance of advanced web app features in JavaScript like 3D, throughput or encryption

MotionMark: Graphics benchmark for cascading style sheets, HTML5 canvas, SVG, and so on

Basemark Web 3.0: Third-party cross-platform test of the all-important JavaScript framework, calculations, WebGL 2.0, and others

We pitted the Samsung Browser, in its newest 6.2 version incarnation, Chrome 63 (the 64 version with autoplay video and ad blocking is still in beta), Firefox 57, and the startup Edge, against each other on a Note 8. We've mapped the results in the table below, screenshot them, and closed the browsers between runs, leaving only the benchmark tab open in airplane mode to avoid distractions.

*higher is better

Mozilla says that its latest Firefox Mobile is "an experience designed in parallel with the new Firefox Quantum," and, while we can attest that Quantum on our laptops can get rid of the fan whirling that happens when you use the gas-guzzling Chrome, on mobile that resource frugality is placing it below the other browsers we tested. 

While Samsung's browser is very fast in most cases, it had some web tech compatibility issues, too. Right now, as you can see, you are better off sticking with Google's mobile Chrome browser, or, if you are feeling adventurous, Microsoft's nascent Edge is a rather pleasant surprise when it comes to synthetic speed and performance as well.

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