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Samsung to release a new C-Pen stylus with Bluetooth connection and a ball-point end

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Samsung to release a new C-Pen stylus with Bluetooth connection and a ball-point end
Late last year, we learned that Samsung has been at work on a new, Bluetooth-connected Cross Ballpoint C-Pen stylus. At the time, there was no further intel on the stylus except for its model number (EJ-UW700), but a German retailer spilled out new information about the accessory.

Unlike the S-Pen stylus, which only works with Samsung's Galaxy Note devices, the C-Pen is supposed to work with the Windows-powered Galaxy TabPro S tablet, while doubling as a regular ball-point pen for practitioners of the ancient art of writing on paper. It's also said to work with regular smartphones and tablets as well, although we can't know for sure whether all its functionality will be available without dedicated software.

The listing says the new C-Pen connects via Bluetooth 4.0 LE, features 'Back' and 'Erase' buttons, and detects 1,024 levels of pressure. That’s half the pressure sensitivity offered by the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 4 and 5, but it still allows for precise input. The C-Pen's battery life also gets quoted, at 162 hours of use, which is an impressive figure that varies depending on how much the stylus gets used.

The accessory is priced at $66 (€59.90), which is a bit higher than what Samsung accessories usually cost, but it falls in line with the Galaxy Tab Pro S's high price tag. It’s not yet available for purchase, but it will probably get released in the coming weeks.

source: CyberPort.de (Translated) via SamMobile

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