Samsung teases next generation AMOLED displays, dubbed OLED Max

Samsung teases next generation AMOLED displays, dubbed OLED Max
OLED Max will be the official name of the next generation of OLED displays, made by Samsung. It disposes of the gaudy, oversaturated colors of the first generation AMOLED, which on the Samsung Galaxy S, for example, represent 138% of the color gamut.

The technology is now betting on more accurate, natural looking colors. The press release on Samsung's website still shows a more saturated image as an outcome of the new technology, so we are glad that the colors will remain vivid enough, as that's what most people like in Samsung's AMOLED screens. A slew of other enhancements for brightness, detail and contrast have also been achieved, which will undoubtedly help in outdoor visibility. OLED Max II is also in the works, but the due date and specifics for this one remain unknown for now.

The size of the new controller package has slimmed down also, and it supports image resolutions up to 800x1024. Higher brightness and resolution, more details, and toned down color gamut were just what calibration specialists ordered for Samsung's OLED-based screens to take over LCD, and it seems that the display-makers listened. It will be interesting to see if the new technology lands in the next year's iPhone version, given the high resolutions that AMOLED will support from now on, and Samsung taking care of the supply problems by increasing production tenfold.

source: Samsung via Oled-Display

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