Apple passed on using AMOLED displays for the next iPhone?

Apple passed on using AMOLED displays for the next iPhone?
The next generation iPhone that's looking to be the center of attention when WWDC 2010 comes around could've opted to use AMOLED technology for its display, but a combination of supply and technology issues axed that idea. According to insiders, Apple discussed some business with Samsung Mobile Display about utilizing their display technology on their upcoming iPhone. However, it was transparent that Samsung's AMOLED production capacity was nowhere close to the levels of satisfying  their needs – and if they were able to take on the daunting task of supply the iPhone's display, they could most likely operate at 50 to 60 percent capacity. Samsung is already contracted to produce the displays for some of HTC's products, so adding Apple to the mix would've tested them to the max. Instead of seeing AMOLED packing iPhones, Apple decided to stick with IPS LCD displays which would save them money on components and would more than enough to satisfy the insatiable demand that's going to come along with the next iPhone.

Apple iPhone 4G Preliminary Specifications

source: Electronista

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