Samsung starts mass production of 10nm flash memory chips with the highest industry density


Good news for those who want to add a higher capacity memory card to their phones and tablets, or larger SSDs to their laptops without breaking the bank, as Samsung announced it has started mass production of 128 Gb NAND flash chips.

Samsung says these are made with the 10nm process, and have the highest density in the industry, so flooding the market with such chips will surely bring prices down for high capacity cards, embedded memory, SSDs and so on.

The new chips are capable of 400Mbps throughput, and Samsung plans to use them in expanding its mass production of 128 GB microSD cards, as well as SSDs with higher than 500 GB storage capacity, to facilitate the transition from hard drives to flash memory-based ones. Hopefully we'll see them one day embedded as internal storage in our phones and tablets.

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