Samsung plans on mass producing the world's first touch function AMOLED panel

Samsung plans on mass producing the world's first touch function AMOLED panel
There’s no doubt that Samsung has been in the forefront of consistently using AMOLED displays on their handsets – no one can even come close to what they do in that category. Touchscreens are traditionally made by separately connecting the display and touch panel together. Samsung now plans on mass producing the first ever AMOLED panel with built-in touch technology sometime in March. The upcoming display will be 3.3” in size with a 480 x 800 pixel resolution – the touch sensor is a mere 0.001 mm; which allows the screen to provide high quality images. It’s a feat to behold because it marks the first time that a touch sensor is placed over an AMOLED substrate. One of Samsung’s representatives stated, “Through mass production, we want to make this touch embedded AMOLED panel number one in the LCD and AMOLED market. Also, we want to mass produce touchscreens and construct a system so that we can expand the display market.” Even with this breakthrough design, let’s just hope manufacturing costs can be trimmed down so that the end result will be more inexpensive than past creations.

source: Korea IT Times


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