Samsung outs an energy efficient 8MP BSI camera sensor with zero shutter lag for smartphones

Samsung outs an energy efficient 8MP BSI camera sensor with zero shutter lag for smartphones
Samsung announced a new 8MP smartphone camera module of its own, named S5K3H7 that doesn't require a whole lot of energy supply, captures 1080p video, sports back-side illumination for better low-light performance, and has virtually zero shutter lag.

All features are in sync with the times - better energy efficiency is a requirement towards all smartphones if we want to break away from the "daily charging" ball and chain, and BSI tech is the trend in most high-ends of this season.

Moreover, phones with negligible shutter lag have already been announced by the competition like Sony with the Xperia S, as well as HTC yesterday with its ImageChip ISP in the new One series, not to mention that pesky Apple phone.

The new 8MP camera sensor will appear in devices that will be announced in the coming months, says Samsung, which ties up really nicely with the rumored June/July launch of the Galaxy S III, although this one might already be on the conveyor belts for all we know. 

Who knows, though, what sensor Samsung might have kept in its sleeve for the flagship, this new 8MP one is 1/3.2", and we keep hoping that the Koreans might step it up and insert a bigger sensor in SGSIII to capture more light. Of course, if it's the slim ceramic chassis rumored, there might be no space for anything huge without significant bulges.

source:  Samsung via Engadget


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1. roscuthiii

Posts: 2383; Member since: Jul 18, 2010

I have almost zero camera sensor knowledge... but, what is [1/3.2"] supposed to be? One third and two tenths of an inch? Isn't it a mathematical no-no to combine a fraction and a decimal?

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