Samsung introduces super-reflective LCD for mobile phones

Samsung introduces super-reflective LCD for mobile phones

Samsung Electronics announced that they have developed a super-reflective LCD screen, which is easy to read even outdoors in a bright sunlight. The new screen, called SR LCD measures 1.72 inches and has a reflectance rate, which is equal to three times that of existing mobile displays. The SR LCD uses silver as a reflecting metal instead of aluminum, as it is with higher reflectance. The new screen also applies a new reflective lens, which allows higher rate of light-concentration into pixels. Moreover, the SR LCD uses a new panel technology, which combines the super-reflectance technology with transflective and as a result the screen is illuminated from both front and back. This technology makes more use of natural light and prevents any increase in power consumption. Super-reflective SR LCD screen features 100nit brightness, 220:1/30:1 contrast ratio and 50 percent color saturation. The company has also unveiled that it plans to apply the new technology to all of its high-resolution transflective displays in the future.


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Source: Akihabara News


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