Samsung has sold 10 million Galaxy Notes since launch

Samsung has sold 10 million Galaxy Notes since launch
There's no wonder why Samsung is gearing up to announce the Galaxy Note II. By the looks of it, the original Note has done quite well, with about 10 million units sold since its launch 9 months ago.

The Samsung Galaxy Note was, and remains a controversial device, due to its enormous 5.3" screen. Its specific size made it feel somewhat uncomfortable to be used as a phone, and didn't exactly provide a spectacular experience if you were looking for a tablet-style device. Still, after some heavy marketing activity, it looks like quite a few people have decided to set themselves up with a Note.

So far this is the most successful device of this caliber. You may remember that before the Note, we had the Dell Streak, which was marketed as a 5" mini-tablet, but it couldn't get very popular. Now, LG is also trying to set its foot in this space with the Optimus Vu, which has already sold 500k units in South Koria, and is expected to become available through Verizon soon.

What's your stance when it comes to 5+" touchscreen devices? Are you OK with this form-factor for your daily usage, or would rather get a smaller phone, or a larger tablet?

via: SlashGear

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