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Samsung announced the OMNIA touch smartphone

Posted: , by Nanko R.

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Samsung announced the OMNIA touch smartphone
Today, Samsung announced the OMNIA, touted as a multimedia-friendly smartphone and an all-in-one device. Until now, it was known by its internal model number (SGH-i900) since information about it has leaked from a few sources. As it is official, its full real specifications are now revealed.

It is based on Windows Mobile Professional 6.1, personalized with the TouchWiz interface we have seen in the F480 back in February. It will add widgets to the homescreen, but we are not sure if there will be changes in the rest of the WM interface. The OMNIA specifications are of a high-class model and Samsung will try to position it both, as high-end all-in-one smartphone and a multimedia-friendly phone with user-friendly interface, rival of the iPhone (3G) and HTC Touch Diamond.

Samsung OMNIA
Samsung OMNIA

Samsung OMNIA

It comes with a 3.2” WQVGA touch display, 8 or 16GB of memory (two versions will be available), plus a slot for microSD cards, and support for both DivX and XviD straight out-of-the-box, in order to play high-quality video clips without the need to encode them especially for the phone. Additionally, it has a 5-megapixel camera with a nice set of software features (including face and smile detection) and an option for geo-tagging, as an integrated GPS is also present.

Samsung OMNIA i900 is a quad-band GSM with support for HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and WiFi, for usage when out of European 3G network coverage. Similar to other new offerings, it has brushed metal look and slim profile (0.5” / 12.5mm). Other features include accelerometer for auto-rotation of the display orientation and “optical mouse” (as in the i780), which is similar to a laptop’s touchpad.

OMNIA will be first available in the Southeast Asian market before June 20th, and in Europe from July. Pricing information is not announced, but you should expect it to be similar to the Touch Diamond.

source: Samsung

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

is this coming to the usa and when

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 12:14

6. (unregistered)

i heard AT&T is coming out with this as i907!!!

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 12:41

8. AKEN (unregistered)

I hope so. Do you have more info on when they will do it?

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 15:37

10. (unregistered)

Well the i907 has already been FCC approved, so my guess is probably soon, maybe even a little after it's Eurasia release. Then again, AT&T is slow to release things... even Canada's Rogers is faster than it. Maybe Canada will once again get this first.

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 19:50

12. AKEN (unregistered)

Thanks! It's just I have been trying to find a phone with these kind of feauters for a long time, there are some phones that have 5 meg. pixel cameras, have big displays, Wi-Fi, 3G, yet, non have it with U.S. 3G bands. So this looks like a perfect combination for me. Thanks again.

posted on 25 Oct 2008, 20:36

31. hudaephoneguy007 (unregistered)

Not much is known about OMNIA coming to America other than VerizonWireless having OMNIA on their rebate forms. It's true, search for OMNIA CDMA on this site and find out more.

posted on 25 Oct 2008, 20:38

32. (unregistered)

AT&T? I never heard about AT&T having OMNIA but it sounds interesting. I heard about VerizonWireless having OMNIA on their rebate form. It's already announced that OMNIA CDMA will come out on November 2008 (VerizonWireless).

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 07:47

2. HopingSo (unregistered)

I DO hope this phone comes to use.... I read on PhoneScoop that might come with AT&T ....****cries****.... but... it will kill the iPhone.... so... does it make sense? AT7T charges a lot.... even to open your phone... BUt this phone is sweeeeet..... 16GB plus SD CARD.... SOMEONE FINALLY HEARD WHAT THE PEOPLE WANTS!!!

posted on 14 Jun 2008, 16:23

15. C-Chickie (unregistered)

It actually does make sense in why AT&T would care it. Why not have 2 popular phones in one company? Doesnt that deliever more business?

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 07:55

3. Itstimetoswitch (unregistered)

You are all forgetting, its still a Windows Mobile 6.x device. MS needs to push out Windows Mobile 7 (or whatever they are calling the next "real" release) Windows Mobile 6.1 are still paged with memory management issues.....

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 09:41

5. (unregistered)


posted on 09 Jun 2008, 09:34

4. (unregistered)

yes . this is superphone letsgo sammy the best company

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 12:19

7. dsires522 (unregistered)

What about Verizon carrying it, anyone hear anything

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 15:39

11. (unregistered)

It is a GSM phone so it won't becoming to Verizon, unless Samsung makes a CDMA version. What's up with so many people wanting GSM phones on CDMA networks -_-

posted on 26 Jun 2008, 15:34

17. (unregistered)

I had AT&T but got absolutely no bars in my house so I had to move to Verizon which has the worst selection of phones. I bought an unlocked Samsung SCH-i830 because of it.

posted on 08 Jul 2008, 19:24

20. (unregistered)

because gsm phone are better

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 14:47

9. (unregistered)

this is a almost perfect phone .. add a vga 30fps video recording .. and a entire solid metal case .. and will be just perfect ..

posted on 03 Aug 2008, 10:01

26. dxkato (unregistered)

Thats right !

posted on 10 Jun 2008, 11:27

13. VZW Employee (unregistered)

Awersome looking phone! Too bad it's on the slow AT&T network.

posted on 15 Jun 2008, 20:35

16. K. (unregistered)

ATT has the fastest 3G network in the US and the best voice coverage in the world. I don't remember my Verizon friends going to the UK and using their sh*tty a*s lg chocolate phones.

posted on 08 Jul 2008, 19:25

21. (unregistered)

number 22 i agree i have verizon and my evdo is slow and i am sick of verizon i hate them

posted on 12 Jun 2008, 04:09

14. vained (unregistered)

i really now when this is gonna be release in the philippines since they said its gona be released first in asia..and also the price for it???

posted on 01 Jul 2008, 11:21

18. (unregistered)

Why would samsung wanna come out on AT&T? If it was on AT&T if people want an Iphone they can get an Iphone. It would be much better to come out with another US carrier for people that want an Iphone but are not willing to switch networks.

posted on 06 Jul 2008, 19:34

19. At&T employee (unregistered)

funny thing is Verizon and Sprint/Nextel will be moving to the 4G netowrk as they know there is no real room to grow on the CDMA networks. in order for this phone to be used to it's full capacity it willl have have to be released for AT&T it is the only carrier stateside with 3G, T-Mobile sure ain't got it. Plus for all you idiots talking about how slow AT&T is look at the specs it says that it is 7.2 HSDPA which is a hell of a lot faster then any other carrier stateside and AT&T is already working on trying to get the network up to that standard. I can't wait for thsi phone personally it will be a great alternative to the Iphone, And Sammy is awesome. Hopefully it will hit the stores soon.

posted on 20 Jul 2008, 11:59

22. fkat&t (unregistered)

i had at&t and used to work forf them and they charged me for roaming and some crazy ass other fees that i never used so i droppd them lames and went to verizon. Plus i never got reception in the places with trees or when i drive under a tunnel under at&t. Verizon ALWAYS have reception and never been charge for anything crazy. at&t sucks balls

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 19:48

27. rytiffany (Posts: 5; Member since: 06 Aug 2008)

Well that really tells everyone your opinion on the phone. Or not. I'm not a fan of AT&T where I live and would hope there would be a CDMA version on Verizon but this looks like the twig-and-giggle-berries.

posted on 22 Jul 2008, 19:55

23. (unregistered)

omg this better not come to verizon. they get all the cool phones screw them at&t needs something nice also the xperia x1 is coming to at& t which just may be better than this

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 19:50

28. rytiffany (Posts: 5; Member since: 06 Aug 2008)

Funny how one person says verizon's selection is the worst and another says they get all the cool phones. I think it should be on all carriers that way you can have the best phone on the carrier that suits you best.

posted on 02 Aug 2008, 09:59

24. (unregistered)

Whats the news on the sch-i900??? I think there's gonna be a CDMA version

posted on 02 Aug 2008, 16:31

25. stateofmindCA (unregistered)

Does anyone know a price or where it's coming out?

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