Samsung SGH-i677 will follow in footstep and be a portrait QWERTY WP7 Mango device?

Samsung SGH-i677 will follow in footstep and be a portrait QWERTY WP7 Mango device?
Generally, when a pattern is established by a series of handsets, it would only be natural to find the next one in line to follow the same path as its predecessors.
Looking back at what was produced with Samsung’s line of SHG-i6xx devices, which include the Samsung Blackjack, Blackjack II, Propel Pro, and Jack, one can easily imagine that the next one would follow in similar fashion to those handsets. Considering that another unannounced Samsung Windows Phone 7 handset has been spotted, the SGH-i677, one can assume that it’ll offer some kind of portrait style QWERTY keyboard.

Recently, its Bluetooth authentication, Wi-Fi certification, and its UAProf browser profile indicate that it’s indeed going to be a Windows Phone 7 handset, but we’re curious to know if it’s going to retain the form factor of previous devices in the series. Still, it’ll be interesting seeing that the Dell Venue Pro is the sole portrait QWERTY option with the platform thus far – so it’s going to be nice to see a new addition.

Besides that, there is very few specifics regarding the handset’s hardware, but we can only hope at this point to see it arrive in the fall when other Mango devices are expected to launch.

source: (translated) via WMPoweruser



1. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Okay- THIS has me excited. I had a Samsung Blackjack, and oh yes- it was a horrid phone. But, Samsung wasn't turning out great devices back then and Windows Mobile was a pain in the left butt-check. But, with Samsung going NUTS with really, really high quality devices and W7 being a night-and-day improvement to WinMo, this handset could really fall into the "whole package" for someone like me who likes a portrait slider. Give it a close to 4" screen, make the handset wide enough to give room for the keypad (best example- Motorola Karma QA1 width as opposed to the Propel, whitch is the mark-up here. That Karma is STILL one of my favorite phones I have ever used) and I am preordering.

3. junglejoe unregistered

why not the BB torch?

5. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Hey, I like the Torch. Could live with a Torch rip-off from Samsung running W7. In other posts, I have said the Torch would be the only Blackberry I would grab. But RIM would have to improve a lot in the software to compete. My opinion.

2. hepresearch unregistered

Well, the Blackjack/II/Jack were some of the better WinMo phones, even though WinMo was disgusting compared to other OS's, in my opinion. WP7 with its modern touch UI features, combined with classic-style Samsung hardware configuration, could be a real hit for some folks. Depending on how it turns out (and if I can ever find a way to make some actual money), I could be open to such a device. I spend alot of time on here talking tough about the newer smartphone platforms, which I tend to dislike, but I have to admit they work in their own ways. Symbian is gone, and I am just going to have to suck it up. A widened Propel Pro design type (sliding QWERTY, with wider, more tactile keys), with a 3.5" touch screen minimum but not much larger, would be intriguing to me, and might manage to sway me to the Samsung/WP7 combination...

6. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

I can tell from your other posts that you are a strong Symbian fan. Kinda stinks. I hope Nokia revives it to some degree just for loyal fan. But W7 is a great platform. Maybe Blackberry is a good option?

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