Are we color-blind to new phones? This is your favorite S10+ model, and Samsung is running out

Are we color-blind to new phones? This is your favorite S10+ model, and Samsung is running out
It may sound like a strange publicity stunt, but reports, first from the launch day in Korea and then for the international versions, tip that Samsung is in short supply of one particular Galaxy S10+ model. That's the 128GB one in Prism White, specifically, but also a few other models, and Samsung even issued a statement on its own turf explaining the situation:

The 128GB one in Prism White seems to be the most sought after model this year, and a quick look at Samsung's online store in the US seemingly confirms this. The 128GB version of the white non-ceramic S10+ is currently sold out there as an unlocked model, but also on Verizon and T-Mobile. Thankfully, the carrier stores still have the option, but not Samsung itself.

Our own preference poll on Friday, when the S10 family was released, confirmed that despite the rich number of color and body options that Samsung offers, people are after the Prism White models, and that's that, both for the S10+ and the S10, as you can see below. Overall, the white and black versions of all models command more than 60% preference in our survey, leaving scraps for the other hues. 

One may think that this is an aberration, but in most polls we've run on color preferences, be it for an iPhone or a flagship Android, there is a predictable color bias from users - black or white. This color-blindness borders on conformism given that most likely the phone will be slipped in a case which may or may not be transparent. 

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It, however, also hints at worries about resale value, as, just like in those rankings for car paint job depreciation, those two colors have proven to keep their value best compared with flamingo pink, emerald green or other unorthodox phone hues. Sad, as we really dig that Prism Green you can't have in the US.

Which Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10+ color are you getting?

Galaxy S10e in Canary Yellow (n/a in the US)
Galaxy S10e in Prism Black
Galaxy S10e in Prism White
Galaxy S10e in Prism Blue
Galaxy S10e in Prism Green (n/a in the US)
Galaxy S10e in Flamingo Pink (n/a in the UK)
Galaxy S10 in Prism Black
Galaxy S10 in Prism White
Galaxy S10 in Prism Blue
Galaxy S10 in Prism Green (n/a in the US)
Galaxy S10 in Flamingo Pink (n/a in the UK)
Galaxy S10+ in Prism Black
Galaxy S10+ in Prism White
Galaxy S10+ in Prism Blue
Galaxy S10+ in Prism Green (n/a in the US)
Galaxy S10+ in Flamingo Pink (n/a in the UK)
Galaxy S10+ in Ceramic Black (only the 512GB and 1TB models)
Galaxy S10+ in Ceramic White (only the 512GB and 1TB models)

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