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Samsung PIXON M8800 – 8MP touchscreen phone

Samsung PIXON M8800 – 8MP touchscreen phone
A few days ago, rumors about Samsung’s second 8-megapixel phone, the “M8800 Bresson” appeared. Now it seems that it is already announced under the PIXON M8800 model and even a few Russian sites have reviewed it.

We told you that LG is preparing its second 8MP cameraphone, a slider that will be more modest companion to the Renoir KC910 touchphone. With Samsung, it is exactly the opposite. They already have the Symbian S60-powered slider INNOV8 and the PIXON is a full touch candybar, to compete with the Renoir.

Unlike the OMNIA, the PIXON M8800 is not a smartphone and it uses software similar to the F480’s. Of course, announced half a year later, it will have improvements, including a better camera interface (the one from OMNIA), DivX support, and more widgets. When we reviewed the F480 we didn’t like its software, but Samsung has changed many things so we hope the new one will be much better.

The Samsung PIXON comes as a direct rival to the Renoir, with similar design, interface, 8MP camera and DivX video support. Both are GSM phones with 3G and GPS, but the LG also features Wi-Fi and XviD support. We’d wait to test both phones to see which one of the two Korean manufacturers has done a better job as a whole. Renoir is expected to launch first next month, while the PIXON will be on sale in mid-November, with a price tag of about EUR 550 ($800) according to Mobile-Review.

Check out our gallery for a few more pictures or head over to the source for its in-depth review.

source: Mobile-Review (translated)

Samsung PIXON M8800 – 8MP touchscreen phone
PIXON and iPhone



PIXON and iPhone

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

Wow, i love this device, very awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Wan`t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on 26 Sep 2008, 09:24

2. (unregistered)

its nice but now awesome... would wait for a review. the lack of divx and Wifi is a drawback though!

posted on 27 Sep 2008, 05:36

3. (unregistered)

The Samsung PIXON comes as a direct rival to the Renoir, with similar design, interface, 8MP camera and DivX video support. The only thing we dont know is WiFi @ the moment

posted on 30 Sep 2008, 22:07

4. (unregistered)

IS fantastic BUT it haven,t symbian or windows mobile

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 03:00

5. bebetyyyy (unregistered)

i love tnis gsm its so cool i wrealy wamt one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on 02 Nov 2008, 01:49

6. Layla (unregistered)

You knw..Samsung M8800 Pixon is good..but if ur going to buy a new touchscreen phone i would suggest Samsung Omnia because it has better features than Samsung M8800 Pixon.. try going to google n search for its review.. n i would also suggest to buy a new fone in december cuz since its christmas..there surely be a discount sale.. hehe :)

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 07:12

7. (unregistered)

how would you no the pixon is well better its got better quality n the omnia is just like a brick n wen u posted tht comment u obviousli dint have 1 cos they want out then so dnt criticise unless u do actually have 1 .......and its january when the discount sales r !!!

posted on 11 Mar 2011, 23:34

8. asanka samarakoon (unregistered)

i want buy it

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