Samsung Omnia for Verizon receives a software update

Samsung Omnia for Verizon receives a software update
Verizon Samsung Omnia SCH-I910 owners are still probably wishing for the day that an update comes out to bring up the device to the standards of Windows Mobile 6.5. Although we're happy to say that there is an available update ready for the one time Windows Mobile handset king, it only will provide little solace for those owners who are dreaming about an official upgrade. Instead, it addresses some of the poor performance issues that have been plaguing some devices and includes a Qualcomm patch to improve the quality of its calling. Additionally, there are fixes for the Opera browser, update for the XT9 keyboard, correction for the algorithm codec that is utilized whenever an MMS message is accompanied with a full resolution image, and a host of other fixes and tweaks. It's not too often that this smartphone see the light of any update, so that's probably why a lot of items were addressed with this one. Owners can get themselves situated with this update by checking out Samsung's support web site – as much as we'd like to say there won't be any more issues lingering around, updates are surely welcomed.

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