Samsung takes us inside the Gear S3

The Gear S3 will be available in the US in a few days, and as Samsung preps for its release, the company has provided us with an in-depth look of some of the components that make its latest smartwatch.

In a press release, very similar to a teardown report, Samsung presented the various bits and pieces that “make the Gear S3 tick”. We doubt it really ticks, considering it's not a mechanical watch, but let's not question Samsung's semantics here.

According to the press release, the watch is made from stainless steel 316L, which is the type of steel used for most regular watches, as well. This helps the S3 look more like something you'd complement a good suit with, rather than a fancy fitness band.

When it comes to the screen, it's a 1.3-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 360x360 pixels. While the resolution is the same as with the Gear S2, the screen size is a tad bigger. The whole thing is protected by Gorilla Glass SR+, which is a type of Gorilla Glass designed specifically for wearables.

Unlike the Gear S2, the new model actually sports a GPS in all models for you joggers out there. The GPS also pairs with the SOS feature, so it can give a real-time location estimate to responders. The new watch also has the same sensors as its older sibling – a barometer, ambient light sensor, and a heart rate sensor. Nothing is mentioned about an accelerometer and a gyroscope, but we can safely assume they're in there somewhere.which came with 300 mAh power pack.

The whole thing is IP68-certified, so you won't have to worry about dust or accidental splashes. Do take it off before going for a swim, though.

If you're interested in seeing the insides of Samsung's latest smartwatch, check out the gallery below.


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