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Samsung Galaxy S5 price and release date

Well, there you have it! The Samsung Galaxy S5 is no longer a mystery. At least for the most part. But there are still blank spots to the equation, and this is the type of stuff that bugs us in our very core. Two such great examples are price and release date. And more specifically, just when is Samsung planning on letting us have their new toy, and how much will the guilty pleasure cost us? Information is still scarce, especially in terms of price, but we're not without a map -- we at least know where we're going in terms of availability.

As it stands, Samsung has committed to a simultaneous global release of gargantuan scale. Circle April 11, folks, for that's when the world's largest manufacturer is saying it'll bring its new devices (among which the Galaxy S5) to some 150 countries worldwide. Woah! As you can imagine, all the major retailers and pretty much every major carrier in the world will be lining up for their respective allocation of Galaxy S5 units, but here's a list of venues/telecoms that have been confirmed, at least in the US:


Pending confirmation:

  • U.S. Cellular



We now finally have a good indication of the kind of pricing that we can expect to see attached to the Samsung Galaxy S5, thanks to the now numerous listings from different e-tailers. As it turns out, the pre-order price is hovering around the €650-€700 bracket in Europe. The Galaxy S5 is going to be carrier subsidized like always, and we expect to see Samsung's latest to command a $199 tag on a two-year commitment.

It's important to note that Samsung has also officially announced a lengthy list of pre-loaded apps and subscriptions that will come with your Galaxy S5. Apparently, the estimated worth of the gift bundle is a whopping $500, though that's not the first time we've seen Sammy pony up for some extra appeal. Among the freebies are six months of paid subscription to the Wall Street Journal, a year-long subscription to Bloomberg's Businessweek+, along with 50GB of free storage with Box, and many others seen here.

More as we get it folks! Keep on checking back.

Last updated: 6/3/2014
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