Samsung Galaxy S III preorder at Amazon UK already falls to $809, US still keeps it at $899

Samsung Galaxy S III preorder in UK already falls to $809, Amazon US still keeps it at $899
UK will get dibs on the Samsung Galaxy S III very soon, and the nice preorder deals we saw from Carphone Warehouse, for example, where you get a free Galaxy Tab 10.1 thrown in for a good measure if you are amongst the first 1000 to get it with a contract, is expanding to more places, as far as the price of the phone itself is concerned.

Now Amazon UK has the phone for 499 pound sterling SIM-free (about $809), down from 550 at most places. We bet that price will continue to slide down when the May 30 launch nears, so even right after its availability it won't be priced higher than the rest of the high-end Android competition, like the HTC One X, for example.

Amazon in the US has the price pegged at $899 SIM-free since the announcement and isn't budging at those early adopters, who want to have the latest and greatest Android phone unlocked before everybody else is waiting for the US carrier versions.

source: Amazon & AmazonUK

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