SMS Undo prevents hasty texts on Symbian and iOS

SMS Undo prevents hasty texts on Symbian and iOS
Back when we used landline phones, the ability to cancel or rerecord a voice message was a revolutionary option. Now, for the texting generation, we have SMS Undo. This app from Melon Mobile allows users to set a grace period in which they can cancel their text, or go back and edit it.

The app is a simple and elegant 0.06 MB solution, which runs in the background of your Nokia or Apple device. The option to cancel messages will be present with your normal text message screen, and it also allows you to confirm the message and send it without the countdown.

While this app isn't impressive technologically, its practicality is readily apparent. Everyone has at some point sent a message to the wrong person, or sent a text with a dangerously misleading typo. The app is also useful for the more impulsive among us, giving us a grace period to reconsider our hasty delivery.

Granted, many will say that you should just be more cautious about hitting 'Send'. However, many of us have become so accustomed to firing off lightning-quick messages, that we often fail to confirm the recipient and the content. It also gives you a chance to cancel messages sent from your phone by your best frenemy.

SMS Undo is available now for Nokia devices (US$1.99), and the Apple iPhone (US$0.99).

source: Melon Mobile via Nokia Official Blogs

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