SHIELDON's leather wallet cases feel as premium as your flagship smartphone

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Ever since smartphones started getting bigger, wallet cases have been slowly becoming more and more popular. The logic is simple: instead of carrying around two bulky items — your wallet and your phone — you can combine your handset and your money purse in one.

Of course, a lot of people are used to their wallet being somewhat of a luxurious item, possibly made from genuine leather. Well, SHIELDON understands this and has set out to produce premium wallet cases for some of the most popular flagship phones out there — Apple's iPhones and Samsung's Galaxy S series.

SHIELDON makes its cases out of soft and elastic cowhide leather and prides itself in putting out a quality product. This is immediately evident when one first sees the packaging that the cases come in. They come in a beautiful, two-tone slide-out box, which contains a thank you card for the customer and a very nice soft pouch to keep your case in. As soon as you take the actual wallet out, the smell of genuine leather hits the nose and assures you that you are holding an excellent case. We have to say, great presentation.


On to the actual cases, we have a solid build with lovely stitchings all around and a very soft, pleasant feeling to the touch. The brand's logo is engraved in the lower right of the case's front and looks pretty nice, but the company name is also etched on the back, and its slogan — “feel the nature” — is carved on the inside of the flap, so there's a chance it may feel a bit too much for fans of perfectly clean aesthetics.

There are a few different types of SHIELDON cases: Classic, which has a magnetic flap with no clamps or clasps; Single Snap, which has a magnetic clasp to keep its flap closed; Slim Snap, which has a slightly thinner profile and, again, closes via a magnetic latch; and Dual Snap — its magnetic latch it split into two parts, which need to meet when the case's flap closes, instead of having just one clasp, which overlaps the front. All the cases come in the classic color choice of either black or brown.

The phone needs to be snapped in a plastic shell inside the case, which holds it securely. It has openings in all the right places, keeping the device's volume buttons, power key, speakers, and data port fully in the open for you to operate with.


All of the SHIELDON cases have 3 card slots and a money pocket on the inside of their flap and can be used as a kickstand thanks to a flexible groove on their backs. No matter which type of case you pick, you will have a strong magnet, which keeps it securely closed. Well, unless you put a few cards inside the card pockets, that is.

This is an inherent issue with most wallet cases for phones — put 3 cards in the designated compartments and you will end up with a flap sticking up and away from the phone, instead of a nicely flush close. So, if you plan to use one of SHIELDON's products as a regular, everyday wallet, we suggest you pick the Single Snap or Slim Snap versions — the magnetic clasp will help keep the case closed, even if you stuff it a bit too much. In contrast, the Classic version, which only closes via a magnet inside the actual flap, does look a bit cleaner and is easier to just open and close, but its magnet can't keep it closed if you have a few cards and some money pushing the flap out.

Where to buy

SHIELDON has set up Amazon store pages for the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and Japan. And they are now offering 20%-58% off on most of their products for Black Friday Sale: product price ranges from $6.99 to $19.99, no code needed, only available on Black Friday. Moreover, the company has also provided us with a few discount codes to give to you - these are valid from 26th of November to the 31st of December. You can follow the links below to check for actual prices and product availability:


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