Rubbing it in: Amidst Pixel 2 XL screen troubles, Samsung outs commercial about its "amazing" screens


It's not a good time to be the display guy over at the Google Pixel team: the company just launched its most expensive and highest profile phone ever, the Google Pixel 2 XL, but it suffers from some bad viewing angles and ghosting problems that might just ruin a lot of its appeal.

How is Samsung doing, you ask? Well, it just released a commercial that rubs it in: basically, it's a compilation of various reviewers waxing poetical about the amazing screen on the Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8+.

Samsung is in fact the leader when it comes to OLED screen production with its Super AMOLED displays. It has the most advanced technology and makes the most accurate OLED displays. Even Apple - known for making some truly great-looking screens - opted to use a Samsung OLED screen for its new and most advanced phone to date, the iPhone X, saying that only now OLED screens have become good enough for an iPhone.

But this is just not playing nice, Samsung. The timing of this new ad is surely no coincidence, and this is a clear jab at Google, a company that is just starting to get serious about making its own hardware. On the other hand, in love and in war, everything is fair, the saying goes. For Samsung and Google, it seems that it's both love and war.
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