Rise of smartphones and tablets to bring 300% to mobile data by 2017

Rise of smartphones and tablets to bring 300% to mobile data by 2017
Smartphones and tablets are now almost in every household, and they are often even replacing traditional desktops. That trend will only continue and mobile data traffic will surge 300% across the globe by 2017, according to researchers from Strategy Analytics.

For the curious, mobile traffic amounted to 5 exabytes (1 exabyte equals 1 million terabytes) in 2012, and that number is expected to grow to 21 exabytes by 2017.

With smartphones ending up in every pocket mobile traffic has been doubling every year and with higher quality displays and the subsequent demand for high-definition video on the go, the mobile data traffic will only grow.

Still, the rate of growth will slow down somewhat as markets get saturated with the new devices and the annual pace of growth should reach around 32%.

Interestingly, if you break down all the sources of increased mobile traffic, apps themselves are not among the leaders. Video streaming is the most data intensive type of activity we do and even mobile websites consume more data than apps. Of course, the biggest challenge will be for carriers who’d have to provide the pipeline and find the right price per megabyte to both stay profitable and keep users happy.

source: Tech Crunch


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