Report: Apple iWatch to start production in July, sporting a 2.5 inch screen

Report: Apple iWatch to start production in July, sporting a 2.5 inch screen
According to a new report published today, the Apple iWatch will start production in July. A source familiar with Apple's plans says that the timepiece will be equipped with a 2.5 inch screen that is "slightly" rectangular in shape. That conflicts with other reports that said that the wearable would have a circular screen. The watch face will protrude from the band, forming an arch.

The Apple iWatch will feature a touch screen and will also support wireless charging. 50 million units are expected to ship in the first year. Like many of the smartwaches we've seen hit the market so far, the Apple iWatch will require a smartphone to pair with. In this case, the watch will need to sync with an iPhone in order to handle messaging and voice calls. Some capabilities can be handled by the watch itself, such as the sensor on the device that will measure the user's pulse.

The glass for the initial run of the device, is made by LG Display. The Apple iWatch is currently in trial production at Quanta, and the contract manufacturer will account for 70% of the assembly of the timepiece. While the current line-up of smartwatches hasn't blown away the consumer with their capabilities, many are hoping that the Apple iWatch is as much a game changer to the industry as the iPhone was to the smartphone business when it was launched in 2007.

source: Reuters


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