Renegade application storefronts to threaten App Store

Renegade application storefronts to threaten App Store
Looks like Apple may soon have to face some competition for its App Store, coming from renegade storefronts. As a beginning, if you already have a jailbroken iPhone, then you’ll be quite interested to know that the developers of Cydia are now planning to launch an upgraded service called Cydia Store. It will aim at offering applications that cannot be found on Apple’s official App Store. In addition, The Wall Street Journal informs of another company that plans a new storefront, called Rock Your Phone. It is said to offer applications that do not need a jailbroken iPhone. There is one more competitor for now that also wants its share and plans to achieve it by specializing in offering adult games. Still, we do not have a remotest idea how Apple would allow such services to exist, since it is clear that it will not let these unauthorized apps run on a genuine iPhone.

Obviously, the reason for these raids into Apple’s territory is the unquestionable success of the App Store, which currently offers thousands of applications. However, Apple has kept strict rules in its store in order to maintain quality control and protect user experience, which seems to have awakened someone’s sense of freedom…

source: TheWallStreetJournal

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