Redmi Note 3 first night camera samples and chassis teardown appear

First Redmi Note 3 night camera samples and chassis teardown appear
Xiaomi announced its next potential blockbuster, the Redmi Note 3, to a great fanfare last week, and at the time we posted the first camera samples from the device. These, however, were supplied by Xiaomi itself, and such official samples often present the best-case scenario, with ample lighting and deliberately chosen beautiful scenes. 

How about the real-life camera performance, though? Well, a few impromptu sample shots from the Redmi Note 3 have popped up, and there the handset is taken to more extreme challenges, like night and low-light snaps, high dynamic range situations, and so on. The Note 3's camera is a 13 MP Samsung-made unit with speedy phase-detection autofocus, and a standard for the category f/2.2 aperture. We won't comment on the quality of the shots, as we don't know if they are taken with a retail product, or if the software on that particular unit is final, so we are just posting them below for your early preview pleasure, and will analyze the camera quality when we get a retail piece.

In the meantime, another interesting event around the Redmi Note 3 is the teardown of its chassis that has popped up. As you can easily expect, the sealed metal phone seems harder to open than the Redmi Note 2, which has a removable back cover and a swappable battery, though it doesn't look that bad, at least if you are working in a repair shop. Xiaomi was kind enough to house a generous 4000 mAh juicer in a relatively thin for this battery capacity 0.34" (8.65mm) body, so you don't really need to open it for any reason but unavoidable repairs anyway. Check out the Redmi Note 3 camera samples and teardown pics in the slideshow below, and tell us if you have already ordered yours.

source: IT168 & GSMInsider

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