Radio Shack's sale on the iPhone 4 may have lacked proper inventory

Radio Shack's sale on the iPhone 4 may have lacked proper inventory
We want you to take this piece of news with a grain of salt, because we don't want to discourage retailers from offering such steep discounts on our favorite devices. But customers nationwide are reporting that Radio Shack's recent sale on the iPhone 4 may have lacked the proper inventory.

Radio Shack offered a deal, ending today, in which the 16GB iPhone 4 cost $149. On top of that, you could trade in your older iPhone for discounts up to $125. But even early on in the sale, customers reported that their local Radio Shack was completely out of iPhone 4s.

That leaves us with two possible conclusions. The first is that Radio Shack effectively marketed their sale on the iPhone 4, and holiday shoppers and iPhone holdouts cleaned out Radio Shack's stock of the iPhone 4. The second possibility is that Radio Shack deliberately stocked fewer iPhone 4s, so that they could lure in customers to see other, non-sale items.

If Radio Shack did intentionally stock fewer iPhone 4s, there's certainly nothing illegal about it. Their primary focus may have been to clear out their stock of the iPhone 3GS, which was on sale for $49. Maybe too many customers responded, and the higher-ups decided to quietly pull the offer. But our hearts go out to the disappointed customers who though their Apple-shaped ship had arrived.

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8. rollseyes unregistered

@really amen to that...i couldn't get ppl to look at them and then out of no where it was like people were like oh yeah iphones those are nice. and also maybe you don't understand how a direct two you works it is just back stock held in a warehouse i assure you we still know about the phone in fact we come back if you have questions on top of which if a customer is really worried we have the ability to print out most anything on using the phone with either step by step or with pictures to have with them for the time of the unboxing.....but hey its "tis the season" most people only care about being in stock when they want it right then and thats all the matters it happens every year with any major sale, black friday, christmas, great above says if you wait till the last second...that you might not get what you want.

7. really? unregistered

just saying.....

6. really? unregistered

I've been working at the Shack for 2 and a half years. Just recently transferred to my new store. My previous store rarely had the good phones would always have to ask another store. But my new store always has phones. A couple weeks ago before this BIG promo we had going on, we had at least 6 iphone 4's just sitting there no one wanted them. Same with Evos. Then all of a sudden people wanted them again. And Saturday 12/12 customers kept calling and asking if we had any in stock. Riddle me this, why would people wait til the last day to start calling around to see if stores have them in stock? The last day? Come on, and then half of them got mad at us because we didn't have any and some were saying we're promoting a scam because it's being advertised on the the TV but we dont have any. Plain and simple dont wait til the last minute if there's a really GREAT promo going on. None of my district had any left come Friday. From San Diego County to Orange County. Not even our Direct2U had any in stock by this time. It's definitely not our faults everyone waited til he last minute. If I see a deal I snatch it up as soon as it's available. But keep in mind the phones went back up in price but the trade in value is still the same.

5. double d unregistered

@rollseyes; selling 'direct' sucked, wouldn't even consider it an option. By doing so, you cripple the customer's chance at any kind of service. If they had a problem with the phone the RS employee's can't do anything about it. Lots of the phones sold 'direct' RS employee's never knew anything about so they couldn't help the customer with the simplest of questions they may have had. Also, I wouldn't say going a month without seeing high end phones again is far fetched at all, happens all the time.

4. rollseyes unregistered

if you worked at radio shack then you would know of the direct too you which had tons though limit still but updated hourly that was offered when in store stock sold out to help with the demand........and it was rare it has been a month not to get in store....with most not all high end demands.....but i mean by all means play the part of jaded employee well...they may not be prefect but way to spin things to the worst...bravo...

3. Radioshack sucks unregistered

Radio Shack can't have the the stock to make these offers. they purposly buy limited stock of phones from the carriers, your average store will only have two phone of the popular phones ever in stock at one time. worked at a radioshack for over a year, and never saw more than two Iphones, two evo's in the phone cage at any time, and when they sell those two could be a month before they even get one of those back in stock.

2. chris unregistered

They do but its not on Apple products so you should check their policy guidelines before you make assumptions, and they reserve the right not to match pricing on certain products

1. hawk62

Posts: 320; Member since: Nov 21, 2009

And bestbuy would not price match. Which is bs. They have a price match policy.

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