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QuickCharge 3 and Type-C in one charger? This one by Lumsing fits the bill

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Yes, you read the title correctly. The USB charger we have our hands on is designed to charge both a MacBook and a phone – at the same time and at full speed. What sorcery is this, you ask? We'd gladly explain! Made by Lumsing – a growing mobile accessory company – this charger is simply more powerful and more versatile than its counterparts. While it delivers up to a whopping 48 watts, it also packs two USB outputs. One of them is optimized for quick-charging smartphones regardless of their make and model, and the other is an ideal match for devices that charge over a USB Type-C connector, including the latest generation of MacBooks. Let's dive in for a closer look.


Lumsing's charger prioritizes functionality over appearance. In other words, there's nothing fancy about it, at least as far as design goes. Basically, we're dealing with a power brick made of ordinary-looking black or white plastic. On the other hand, the device feels well put together, and the mechanism ejecting the pins is reliable. On the side we see the aforementioned outputs – a standard, full-size USB port and a reversible, Type-C port – positioned far enough from each other to ensure comfortable operation.

In terms of size and weight, Lumsing's solution is bigger and heavier than a typical smartphone charger. Given its capabilities and high power output, however, the charger can be considered relatively compact. Carrying it in a pocket wouldn't be very comfortable, but it perfectly fits inside a backpack or a purse. Furthermore, it occupies less space than two separate chargers – one for a MacBook and one for a smartphone. Needless to say, all that's good news for frequent travelers.


As it should be clear by now, this Lumsing USB charger packs a ton of power. Or to put things into perspective, it is nearly 10 times more powerful than an iPhone charger. Even a Galaxy Note 7 power brick – which happens to be one of the more powerful around – has 3 times less power to offer. 

Up to 19 watts can be delivered through the regular USB port of Lumsing's accessory – for charging virtually any smartphone or tablet, be it an iPhone or an Android model. And since the port supports QuickCharge 3.0, the charging process will be quick and efficient. Phones like the HTC 10, the LG G5, and the HTC One A9 can take advantage of this as they're QC3.0-compliant. Phones like the Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 also charge at rapid rates.

As for the charger's Type-C output, it provides up to 29 watts. This port's purpose is to accommodate all current and future devices that utilize a Type-C port for charging, including the latest MacBook generation. Thanks to its high power delivery, Lumsing's charger will charge Apple's laptop from zero to full in just a couple of hours. Of course, the port can charge a smartphone as well. You'll need a Type-C to Type-C cable for that, and Lumsing has a durable, 3.3-feet nylon cable in stock.


Lumsing's powerful, 48W dual-USB charger is an unusual piece of kit. It is a product targeting a very specific market niche, but it is a plan crazy enough to work, seeing that the accessory has little to no alternatives. And it gets its job done well – it is quick, convenient, and priced to compete, which lets it fit comfortably in one's modern lifestyle. 

But at the end of the day, who is this charger for? We'd say it is ideal for MacBook owners who need a spare charger and for frequent travelers who want less bulk in their luggage. Lumsing's accessory stands out with its ability to charge both Type-C devices, such as Apple's laptop, and a smartphone or tablet no matter the brand – all at the same time and at high speeds.

Sure, with a price of $36.99 in US and £29.99 in UK, the charger isn't cheap, but it still costs less than getting two separate QC3.0 and MacBook chargers to have as spares. Besides, Lumsing is giving PhoneArena readers a 20% discount on its 48W charger, or the option to get the accessory at its original price and receive a complementary Type-C to Type-C cable. Follow the links below to take advantage of Lumsing's offers.

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Get a 20% discount by using the code LUMSING5. (Expiry time: 9th of October 11:59PM BST)

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