Quasar One is a game where you're stuck alone in the cosmos, repairing an enormous space ship

The launch of No Man's Sky has gotten gamers excited for space again! While some game developers are busy making the next Pokemon GO clone, others are looking towards the stars for inspiration. Space is en vogue again, and as such, it's games like Quasar One that launch just in time to rile up some excitement from those interested in space gaming.

Available on Android and iOS for the lowly low price of $0.99, Quasar One is a sci-fi resource management and survival game set aboard a space ship. You must manage five of the its sections with your limited resources as you travel towards your destination.

You will have to deal with hull breaches, system failures, lack of power, and keeping your cryo-frozen crewmates alive. The game is all about prioritizing, problem solving, and making strategic choices on what and when to attend to.

While the game lacks combat, it certainly places an original twist on ideas born of titles like System Shock and Dead Space. If you consider surviving alone in space an entertaining activity and don't have a copy of No Man's Sky laying around, Quasar One might be just the thing you're after.

Download on Android and iOS | Visit the official website


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