Qualcomm XR1 is official: A Snapdragon chip intended for AR and VR experiences

Qualcomm XR1
Chip maker Qualcomm has just unveiled its first dedicated augmented and virtual reality platform. Dubbed the Snapdragon XR1, it's a fairly humble chipset that's intended to be integrated into various controllers and goggles and allow for more passive, laidback AR and VR experiences. 

While the chipset can hardly hold a candle to the company's latest and much more powerful Snapdragon 800-series chips in terms of AR and VR prowess, Qualcomm points out that the XR1 is still perfectly capable of outputting 4K video out at 60 frames per second while keeping the power consumption comfortably low. The same applies to the thermal efficiency of the XR1 platform. The platform supports key visual APIs like OpenGL, OpenCL, and Vulkan, opening a slew of possibilities for developers.

As far as audio is considered, the chipset doesn't disappoint either. Aside from binaural audio, it also supports Qualcom's Technologies 3D Audio Suite, Qualcomm Aqstic Audio Technologies, Qualcomm aptX Audio for hi-fi experiences and “always-on, always-listening” voice assistance, and Bluetooth playback. The chipset also supports three- and six-degrees of freedom as well as controller input for augmented experiences.

AI is another field in which the XR1 dabs on in. Capable of on-device processing of AI-related queries, the chipset will capable of running "high performing, power efficient machine learning based computer vision algorithms that can help with key AR use cases like better pose prediction and object classification". This will be super useful for any future VR headsets that employ the Snapdragon XR1.

With its new Snapdragon XR1 chip, Qualcomm once again proves that it's one of the industry's driving forces behind AR and VR experiences. 

source: Qualcomm

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