Qi wireless chargers will soon support quick charge

Qi wireless chargers will soon support quick charge
Wireless charging is a handy feature, for sure. Especially when combined with the fact that there is a number of ways to incorporate charging pads into furniture, and that famous diners and coffee shops have started outfitting their facilities with such pads, one can often be sure that they would be able to recharge some of their phone's capacity without having to lug wires around. The only issue here is that this method of charging is a lot slower, especially when compared to advanced Quick Charge technologies that are currently available in most flagships.

Well, it seems that this will not be an issue for long, at least for owners of Qi-compatible handsets. The Wireless Power Consortium has announced that its latest Qi chargers make it possible to deliver 15 W of power to the smartphone's battery. As a result fast charge-enabled handsets are able to get a 60% charge for as little as 30 minutes, the press release states.

WPC has also made sure that the new chargers will be backwards compatible with older smartphones. As far as when the technology will hit the mainstream – currently, it's only available to members of the Consortion. It will be made available to the public some time next year.

source: WPC via UberGizmo

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