QUALCOMM targets 2007 for EV-DO Revision B commercialization


QUALCOMM Inc. has unveiled its plans to commercialize its next generation EV-DO Revision B chipset next year. The company expects that data modems will be the first products, equipped with EV-DO Revision B chipset and that they will be available in late 2007. Other wireless devices, including mobile phones are expected to follow shortly afterwards. The EV-DO Revision B standard is capable of supporting three separate 1.25 MHz channels simultaneously, which contributes to higher data rates and space-savings – quite suitable for smaller, thinner and lighter devices. QUALCOMM revealed that the expected download speeds are up to 14.7 Mbps, each of the channels, supporting au to 4.9 Mbps. This is a significant increase in comparison with its predecessor Revision A, which offers up to 3.1 Mbps download speeds. According to the company EV-DO Revision B will be able to support applications such as mobile TV or streaming music with a concurrent voice call, or a Voice over Internet Protocol conversation simultaneously with Internet browsing or transmitting multimedia content.


QUALCOMM Inc. didn't unveil in its announcement which manufacturers will develop EV-DO Revision B products as well as which carrier they expect to launch the network technology.





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