Prototype fourth generation Motorola Moto G discovered on video?

Prototype fourth generation Motorola Moto G discovered on video?
Just the other day, we showed you some photos of what is allegedly the fourth generation Motorola Moto G known as the Moto G4. The phone carries what appears to be a fingerprint scanner on the front of the device. On back, there is the famous Motorola bat-wings logo, a camera, LED flash and other sensors.

Today, a video of the device was discovered on YouTube. The listing was made last week and the title of the video indicates that the model shown is a prototype. The unit starring the clip lacks the odd-looking front-facing button seen in the previous photo leak of the phone. That could be due to the fact that the video is showing a prototype.

Another possibility is that the previous leak shows off the Moto G4 Plus, and the YouTube video reveals the Moto G4. It could be entirely possible for a premium version of the phone to offer a fingerprint sensor while the regular version doesn't.

Now that we have seen several leaks, the next thing to be on the look out for would be the FCC confirmation of the model. If you believe that where there's smoke there's fire, then we shouldn't be terribly far from the unveiling of the next generation Motorola Moto G.

source: YouTube



1. peace247 unregistered

Correction LCD flash=led flash. Peace

3. NoAllegiance unregistered

Technically that does exist, though Apple calls it something else.

5. kefalin

Posts: 292; Member since: Feb 08, 2015

its called Retina flash. But not only Apple has it. Even my LG G Flex 2 has it. It just max up brightness of display,pretty useful sometimes

8. NoAllegiance unregistered

Oppo had it too before Apple also, and there was an app like that on the App store

16. zeeBomb

Posts: 2318; Member since: Aug 14, 2014

Oh sh...its a moto g with fingerprint. That's dope.

18. zeeBomb

Posts: 2318; Member since: Aug 14, 2014

damn. next to the moto x style/pure it looks like it'll be around 5.2-5.5 inches. better be good

2. NoAllegiance unregistered

Nothing new here, once again actual device looks better than early leaks. More interested in Moto X and its design.

4. uzimafioso

Posts: 469; Member since: Jul 15, 2014

This looks pretty hot for a mid-range phone. I'm glad to see the stock UI as well. I just hope they put in a decent chipset-resolution-battery ratio and have good audio through and through...

7. NoAllegiance unregistered

This ties up with older leaks as well, so we can assume that the other is the Moto X.

6. tyrionTheWise unregistered

No article for new macbook?

12. marorun

Posts: 5029; Member since: Mar 30, 2015

Can you put a sim card for cellphone service in a macbook?

22. tyrionTheWise unregistered

You can't put that in most of the smart watches, or tablets (WiFi variants), or cases or a lot of things reviewed here. You get stupid articles all the time with no relevance and toy don't get article on this.


Posts: 1168; Member since: Oct 05, 2015

No article for the Sony Xperia X Premium and its HDR display w/ 60 times the colors of current displays, max of 1000-1300 nit brightness, and a 2000:1 contrast ratio? You guys here at PA are sleeping...

23. tyrionTheWise unregistered

I can bet most of these things you're telling are false. It must be a rumour. No such device exists, new macbook does.

9. xq10xa

Posts: 810; Member since: Dec 07, 2010

It doesn't look as bad as the first leaked picture. Yet...something about Lenovo owning Motorola now is not giving me much push to buy a new Moto series phone. I feel that the Moto X Pure will be my last Motorola phone for a a while. 3 generations did me good though.

19. aznhachi

Posts: 212; Member since: Apr 12, 2016

i saw a fingerprint scanner and .. plastic antenna band ?

11. Malhar

Posts: 49; Member since: Dec 29, 2012

Looks like Motorola hired some LG designers for this one.

13. Lenny86

Posts: 301; Member since: Sep 20, 2012

no video?

14. KingSam

Posts: 1525; Member since: Mar 13, 2016

Dear PA please fix the link. it says "video is private". If priced reasonably it will be my next phone. My moto g 2014 is longing for an upgrade.

15. KingSam

Posts: 1525; Member since: Mar 13, 2016

I was still able to watch it. Copy the URL and use

17. sebstin

Posts: 195; Member since: Dec 03, 2015

Cool.. thanks.. it works great..

20. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

they need to do 2 things about that design: 1. move those mic holes to less obvious place 2. bring back stereo speaker (and place FPscanner under Motorola logo, I know its already possible)

24. sushant_infotag

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 28, 2016

The specs looks awesome especially the finger print scanner

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