Problems reported with early iPhone shipments, yellow displays and missing signal bars

Problems reported with early iPhone shipments, yellow displays and missing signal bars
Imagine feeling the excitement and anticipation as the package containing your iPhone 4 arrives. Trembling, you open up the package and marvel over your new handset. You turn it on and all of a sudden you feel like a defunct satellite plunging back to earth. The reason? Your screen is defective as the bottom 10% of the display has some yellow discoloration. Furthermore, when you pick up the phone and hold it, you notice that the signal strength indicator drops bars. Looks like this new device is heading back to Apple and you've gone from sky high to rock bottom in the space of only a few minutes. It appears that some of the new iPhone 4 models that were shipped are defective. The screen, one of the highlights of the new phone with the Retina display, is discolored. "In the bottom 10% of the screen there are three blotches about the size of shirt buttons that discolor the screen a brown/yellow color," one unlucky owner said. With the heavy demand and lack of supply, the question now is, how long will it take for you to get a replacement unit?

Apple iPhone 4 Specifications

source: TUAW

According to a post on the AppleInsider Forum, the bonding agent used on the iPhone 4 requires evaporation. Apple/Foxconn is shipping the iPhone 4 so fast that the evaporation process is not completed when it arrives at your house. After 1 to 2 days of use, according to the poster, the yellow blotches will disappear.

As far as the phone losing signal strength, reports are coming in all over about the iPhone 4 dropping calls when held left handed, or when the left corner is touched. This could have something to do with the new antenna that wraps around the outside of the phone. When the $29 rubber bumper was placed on the phone, the problem went away. The internet has been inundated with videos showing this problem.

source: InsanelyGreatMac (video), Engadget

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