Prisma for iOS adds offline video filtering, Android version still in progress


You remember Prisma, right? It's this incredibly cool Android and iOS app that's able to transform any photo into an artwork using clever deep learning processing. Well, Prisma's iOS version is now able to handle videos as well! 15-second long clips can be transformed into playable animations using 9 filter styles (with the full choice of filters and some new ones scheduled in a later release.) The videos can be taken via the app's built-in camera, or imported from the gallery app.

The iOS app requires an update to iOS 10, though, so if you're holding onto iOS 9, you'll have to upgrade if you want to enjoy the feature. Also, transforming videos takes a fair bit longer than dealing with photos, as the app must process several hundred frames, rather than a single photo. The waiting time depends on the clip's length, resolution, and how recent your iOS device is.

Thankfully, the processing is done offline, which means slow connections are no possible bottlenecks. Moreover, the Prisma creators are working on adding a GIF creator, which might happen later in October. As for the Android version, the Prisma team wants to deal with implementing offline photo processing in the app first, which is supposed to happen in the coming weeks. The team will add video processing next.

Below, you can watch a music video by the band Tweed, which is edited with Prisma's video processing technology. It is much longer than 15 seconds, though, and it's not yet known whether this time limit will be removed for users as well.

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via TechCrunch

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