Poll results: Would you buy a smartphone that's thinner than 5 mm?


There’s no doubt that slim smartphones are elegant and good-looking, but just how thin is too thin? The latest trend is to slim handsets down to unimaginable numbers: currently, the thinnest (officially announced) smartphone in the world is the Oppo R5, which measures 148.9 x 74.5 x 4.85 mm - it’s so slim that it can’t feature a standard 3.5 mm headset jack. Next month, Vivo will reportedly release a handset that’s even thinner, albeit not by much: the X5 Max, which measures 153.9 x 78 x 4.75 mm.

We were curious to know what our readers thought about the arrival of these new ultra-slim handsets. So last week we ran a poll with the question: “Would you buy a smartphone that's thinner than 5 mm?”

954 voters (36.66%) answered “yes” - they would get a smartphone that’s thinner than 5 mm, though some commentators have pointed out that this would happen only if the device had decent battery life. On the flip side, 1648 voters (63.34%) don’t want an ultra-slim handset - because it’s uncomfortable to hold, or it comes with too many compromises.

If you didn't get the chance to vote in our poll, feel free to use the comments section and tell us what your opinion about super-thin smartphones is.

Would you buy a smartphone that's thinner than 5 mm?


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