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Poll: What will Android 6.0 "M" be called?

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Back in October 2014, Google announced the Nexus 6 – the first device to come with Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box. Not everyone, however, knew that Lollipop would end up being called... well, Lollipop! Indeed, while a production version of the major software update took a while to reach the market, the code was nevertheless available to developers and power users who wanted to preview it as early as June. Only one problem – it was called Android L back then. That's right, just 'L'.

If you asked Google about this apparent omission back then, you'd hear them say that they were still deciding what to go for. Even before that, however, we had rumors come up with the Lollipop name. Those weren't entirely random, as Google has been very selective with the names of its major Android updates – they are all named after sweets, and they follow an alphabetical order. That's why KitKat came before Lollipop, and Jelly Bean before KitKat. This means only one thing – Android 6.0 (or whatever number designation Google settles for) will be called after another tasty treat, and we can be sure that its name will start with the letter 'M'.

Now, while 'L' left us with little choice as far as branded candies were concerned, 'M' is a whole different ball game. While there are plenty of option and Google may very well go for one of them, it is entirely possible that the company partners with a big name in the confectionery business once again – like Mars, M&M's, or Milky Way. Which do you think is the most likely?


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