Pixit Chat ditches emoji and comes up with LOL-worthy .gif-s for your conversations on the spot


Developer: Craigpark LimitedDownload: Android, iOS
Category: MessagingPrice: Free (with in-app purchases)

The history of written communication has taken us through wedge writing, alphabets, emoji, and as of quite recently, animated gifs. Not just any gifs, mind you. Have you ever wanted to attach the most relevant gif to an instant message, or immediately respond with the most appropriate, and laugh-out-loud gif possible, only to abandon your pursuits because finding the right animation takes forever? The creators of Pixit have taken your needs to heart and came up with a messenger app that automatically matches relevant gifs with  your messages' content.

As a messaging app, Pixit is pretty meat and potatoes, which is actually a good thing, because using it is as intuitive as it gets. Invite your contacts to install it and get down to gif-fueled chats. The best part is, of course, how the app comes up with brilliant animations on its own. Pixit uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing for analyzing words to the extent that users can tap on any word and get specific gifs related to it.

If you want to see whether Pixit and its mastery of The GIF will make your conversations more interesting, the app is free and yours to try on Android and iOS. If you don't want to install yet another messaging app, that's okay. Pixit has a stand-alone GIF keyboard that can be used inside any messaging app in iOS 8. Type your message, switch to the Pixit GIF Keyboard on the fly, insert the gif and profit! Unfortunately, Android users aren't getting this opportunity for now.

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