Pixel Qi talks up next gen transflective displays with Retina-level resolution

Pixel Qi talks up next gen transflective displays with Retina-level resolution
Transflective displays are something that we've been keeping an eye on for a while now, because mobile devices have this crazy thing where they are really nice to use outside, in the sunshine. But, traditional display technologies, while getting better in direct sunlight, are still not a great solution. Transflective displays fix the problem by being a hybrid LCD/eInk-like display, which can not only be much easier to read in the sunshine, but use far less power. 

We've known for a few months that Pixel Qi was working on new transflective displays that had higher resolutions, but we certainly didn't expect the announcement that just happened. In a new blog post, Pixel Qi founder Mary Lou Jepsen is touting that the new generation of Pixel Qi displays outperform even the iPad's Retina Display. Jepsen says that the new Pixel Qi is thinner and lighter, while providing the same resolution and "matching or exceeding contrast, color saturation, [and] the viewing angle" of the new iPad screen. All of that while using 90% less power. 

Of course, we have no way to verify the claims, because Pixel Qi is currently only shipping displays with a max resolution of 1024x600, but Jensen whipped up a fancy bar graph to show off just how little power the Pixel Qi screens use. We can certainly believe the power savings, but it's the claims of "matching or exceeding contrast [and] color saturation" that really makes us suspicious. Color saturation has always been the sticking point that has kept transflective displays from making the leap, so we really want to see this screen in action.

source: Pixel Qi via The Verge

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