Pantech P8000 passes FCC approval, looks reserved for AT&T

Pantech P8000 passes FCC approval, looks reserved for AT&T
A brand new and unannounced Pantech phone made a visit to the FCC and judging from its connectivity it looks bound to the nation's second largest carrier, AT&T. The Pantech P8000 supports GSM/EDGE 850/1900 and WCDMA 850/1900 networks, which match those of AT&T. In addition, the phone might run Android as it is also referred to as a “Pantech Android Smart Phone” in a listing at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. The commission filing however did not release any details about Android on board.

The Pantech P8000 might get the moniker MOON, but it would be hard for the device to make an eclipse in the Android field. The FCC picture of the phone shows its bar-styled form and a rear-facing camera. Our guess would put this phone in the low to mid-end segment of AT&T smartphones (if indeed it is a smartphone), where it would have to face tough competition from discounted HTC and Palm handsets.

source: FCC via Phone Scoop



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