Panasonic Android phones come to Japan in 2011, world in 2012

Panasonic Android phones come to Japan in 2011, world in 2012
Panasonic announced that it is gearing up for a come back on the global mobile phone market after it limited its sales to Japan in 2006. The Japanese manufacturer will side with Android to conquer the high-end smartphone segment, starting with the land of the rising sun in 2011 and following with the world in 2012. Panasonic wants to place its future handsets in the face of the tough competition from Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S series.

With so many smartphones out on the market today you might wonder if one more manufacturer will not be too much. Rightly so. In an attempt to differentiate itself, Panasonic will try to push networking between its hardware and upcoming phones and make up for a late start. "With the rapid shift to Android, we want to catch up quickly", the company's head of mobile communications, Osamu Waki, noted. The company's ambitions are to boost sales in Japan three-fold by 2015.

As to the upcoming phones, we can only guess how will they look like. Last month however, Panasonic showed a 13.2-megapixel Lumix camera phone with a proprietary OS at NTT DoCoMo's CEATEC booth. Combined with the power of Android in the future that might make for a winning combination. But for now that is just speculation, only time will tell.

source: Electronista



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