Palm's CEO issues a letter to employees about Project JumpStart

Palm's CEO issues a letter to employees about Project JumpStart
Right after Palm announced modifying its guidance for fiscal year 2010, CEO Jon Rubinstein sent out an all-employee letter which aimed to provide some assurance to those who are concerned about the company's future. There's no denying the displeasure that Rubinstein and the other upper management types experienced over the poor results with their Verizon launch. With that in mind, they've concocted a plan aptly named Project JumpStart that will see Verizon employees become extremely knowledgeable in their webOS products as some 200 “Brand Ambassadors” and Palm employees from Sunnyvale embark on trips to Verizon stores. Even with their latest Verizon commercials up and running on television spots, Palm further quelled any worries as Rubinstein was quick to note that they have somewhere around $500 million in cash stashed away in banks. We'll see what outcomes might occur when an all-hands meeting is scheduled after Palm's earnings call next month.

source: The Wall Street Journal via Engadget


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