Out of the Box helps cellphone novices learn about their phone

Out of the Box helps cellphone novices learn about their phone
The purchase of a new cellphone is a glorious day for cellphone fanatics. It's a purchase that has been looked forward to for so long that the buyer usually knows every feature of the new handset and how to access it. On the other hand, for some people,  the purchase of a new cellphone is akin to having root canal. Most of these people have just learned how to work their current model, but when that phone goes, it becomes time to buy a new one and usually the old model is no longer available. The problem is, with a new phone comes a whole set of new features, a different UI and in the case of smartphones, a market where you can choose from thousands of third party apps to install. If your new cellphone leaves you confused and unable to work even the most basic of functions, the "Out of the Box" phone manual allows you to place your new phone into a cutout while arrows and text helps guide you through things like creating and sending a text message. Most booklets that come with a new smartphone are useless to those who are finally getting around to replacing a Motorola RAZR with a Android 2.1 powered Motorola DROID. Slipping that new handset into the cutout can make any tech-phobic become a smartphone master. Now all that is needed is a book to help the novice decide which phone to buy.

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1. arqjav

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I think that's a really good idea sense there are some manuals from phone manufactures that doesn't come with pictures just letters and that sometimes gets really confusing,specially for older people . I don't what to says any names about the company's ......ummm ok I will NOKIA.

2. Cell Phone Reviews unregistered

really nice post.Those who are very average about using cellphones will be helped by your post. Keep on going.best of luck

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